Early warning systems for slope instabilities: concepts, feedback and perspectives


Over the last decades, clear advances have been realized in the development of early warning systems applied to slope instabilities while global incidence of landslides is rising due to both the steady increase of extreme weather event occurrences and of urbanization in increasingly vulnerable areas. Early warning systems are now deployed at the site and / or territorial scales and integrate a set of tools and processes which include raising awareness and preparing the exposed population with the aim of issuing alerts. They make it possible to anticipate the occurrence of the dreaded event and to guarantee public safety better. The Institute recently published a report on international feedbacks on such systems, based on the available technical and scientific literature, as well as on discussions with operators in charge of early warning systems in Europe. This report also presents ideas for development and points of progress to be considered soon regarding technological aspects, the question of risk culture within society, as well as recommendations applicable to the context of prevention of major natural risks in France.