Launch of the FrHyGe project, an underground hydrogen storage demonstrator, involving 17 European partners and coordinated by Storengy

On 20 March 2024, the European consortium met for the official launch of the FrHyGe* project, supported and funded by the European Union through the Clean Hydrogen Partnership. This 43 M€ project aims to validate the underground storage of hydrogen in salt caverns on an industrial scale. The project will allow the deployment of an industrial demonstrator in Manosque, France, as well as the replication study on the Harsefeld site in Germany and more widely at a European scale.

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Support for the Egyptian Environmental Agency (EEAA) on air quality

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Post-mining ecological rehabilitation, Ineris is partner of the REECOL project

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Post-mining management in Europe: the Institute is a member of the new REMINDNET European network

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Air Pollution Revealed by Modeling


Monitoring of underground cavities


Building dialogue with civil society: our approach

In 2008, Ineris made a priority of sharing its scientific and technical expertise withcivil society.


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