Sports items and SVHC: European test results

Early this year, the LIFE AskREACH project organised a set of tests on items associated with the world of sport such as yoga mats, weights, gym balls, sports shoes, swimming equipment etc. originating from 13 European countries. In fact, sports equipment may contain chemical substances falling into the SVHC category (Substance of Very High Concern).
In total, 82 samples were analysed by an independent laboratory accredited to carry out research into SVHCs.
The results are encouraging but still inadequate.

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Waste Recovery - Closing meeting of the ZELCOR Project

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Launch of the HyPSTER Project - Ineris (National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks) secures the first massive hydrogen storage demonstrator

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Ineris sets new priorities for 2021-2025

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Building dialogue with civil society: our approach

In 2008, Ineris made a priority of sharing its scientific and technical expertise withcivil society.


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