Quali-SIL Certification in Europe: Vinçotte leads the way in the Benelux region

For several years now, Ineris has implemented the Quali-SIL certification to help companies make their safety instrumented systems (SIS) more reliable and meet the requirements of standards and regulations. With over 1,500 certificates already issued, Quali-SIL is currently recognised throughout Europe.

Belgian safety organisation Vinçotte has joined the Quali-SIL functional safety competence certification scheme and a partnership agreement has been signed with Ineris whereby the Vinçotte training and examination centre can provide sessions preparing companies for the Quali-SIL certification in the Benelux region. Quali-SIL training has already been provided in French and English for several years and is now also available in Dutch.
In terms of functional safety, the messages to be delivered to actors in the field, both production operators and maintenance technicians, must be unambiguous so that they contribute to the integrity of safety instrumented systems (SIS). This is why it is so important that the different Quali SIL modules are taught in the students’ native language. Thanks to this new partnership, industries located in Flanders and the Netherlands now have access to this credentials acknowledgement certification. The petroleum industry and the big chemical groups located in this region will be the first to benefit from it.