Transportation of dangerous goods and pipelines

Ineris is the national expert on the transportation of a wide range of dangerous goods (TDG): classification, approval, container authorization (packaging, IBC intermediate bulk containers, tanks, etc.).

It supports the Ministry of the Environment in compiling, modifying and applying regulations. For many years, Ineris has made contributions in a wide range of subjects in this field, including:

  • evaluating the dangerous properties of chemical substances, or of objects containing dangerous goods (for example lithium batteries);
  • improving testing methods on specific energetic materials (explosives, combustive, SADT for organic peroxides and self-reactive substances, etc.);
  • providing technical support for hazard studies on infrastructure and transportation.

Ineris has also provided many years of technical assistance in evaluating and managing risks related to pipelines for the transport of dangerous substances, gas distribution network and gas installations. In addition to the support it provides for updating regulations, the Institute contributes to improving knowledge of risk analysis methods and evaluating the safety consequences of hydrogen or biomethane in pipe networks.