Mine Closure 2023

The institute attended the Mine Closure 2023 conference, which was held from 3–6 October in Reno, Nevada (USA).
This international event gathered experts, researchers and industrialists to deliberate on technical, regulatory and organisational advancements in connection with post-mining management in different mining basins around the world, in a context of sustainable mining operations concerned with their societal, economic and environmental impacts.

Ineris showcased work that reflected the expertise of its teams in the field of risk prevention in relation to post-exploitation of the mines, featuring two presentations and two posters.
The first study related to the work done for GEODERIS concerning the monitoring of a former coal basin in Nord-Pas-de-Calais:

  • Forecast and mitigation of the pressure build-up in a depleted mine gas reservoir: case study in a French coal basin, Stéphane Lafortune

The second study related to the consultancy work carried out for an operator for the preparation of a definitive cessation of works declaration file (Déclaration d'arrêt définitif des travaux – DADT).

  • An example of a comprehensive technical and administrative mine closure process on the Urcuit mining site (France)
    Amélie Lecomte

Finally, as posters:

  • the work carried out as part of the European POMHAZ project (coordinated by Ineris and involving seven European partners) on Post-mining risk management and multi-hazard approaches for coal mines
    Marwan Alheib on behalf of Ineris
  • The environmental and health study work done by GEODERIS: Environmental and health management of mining legacies: a French experience
    Nathalie Velly, on behalf of Ineris


GEODERIS: a public interest group (Groupement d'Intérêt Public – GIP) comprising Ineris, BRGM and the Ministry of the Environment. Its mission is to provide the State with assistance and expertise in post-mining matters.
POMHAZ (Post-Mining Multi-Hazards evaluation for land-planning): a project co-financed by the European Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS), the aim of which is to enhance tooling and methodologies for the operational implementation of multi-hazard analyses in mining basins. Coordinated by Ineris, the project brings together four European countries (Germany, France, Greece, and Poland) and seven organisations in the field of post-mining management (Ineris, CERTH, GIG, THGA-DMT, PCC, SRK, UFB).