Quality Commitment

Ineris has been ISO 9001 certified since the year 2000. This certification covers all activities conducted by Ineris and its subsidiary, Ineris Training, for the sites in Verneuil-en-Halatte and Nancy.

Since it was created in 1990, Ineris has been accredited with to NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 for calibration and sampling and recognized as compliant with Good Laboratory Practice (according to Article II annexed to Article D523-8 of the French Environmental Code) for studies on toxicology, ecotoxicology, bioaccumulation, and analytical and clinical chemistry methods. Ineris is also accredited to NF EN ISO/CEI 17065 for its product and service certification activities, as well as NF EN ISO/CEI 17043 for its interlaboratory comparison organization (OCIL) work.

Quality recognition

Logo Afaq ISO 9001 certification in the fields of industrial environment and risks for our work in:

Study and Research / Certification / Consultation / Product testing and development / Expertise / Training

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cofraqCOFRAC accreditations

Cofraq – Testing: Accreditation No. 1-0157
- Sampling: Accreditation No. 2-1251
- Interlaboratory comparisons: Accreditation No. 1-2291
- Product and service certifications: Accreditation No. 5-0045

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Recognition of compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

logo groupe interministeriel des produits chimiques

The Institute’s compliance with GLP principles is recognized in accordance with Articles D523-8 et seq. of the French Environmental Code on the Interministerial Group of Chemical Products (GIPC), and for the following areas:

- Area 2: Toxicity studies
- Area 4: Ecotoxicological studies on aquatic and terrestrial organisms
- Area 5: Studies on behaviour in water, soil, and air; bioaccumulation
- Area 8: Methods of analytic and clinical chemistry (including metabolism)