Mining, post-mining and extractive industries

Ineris has an expertise background in the prevention of hazards related to mining and quarry activities, both in underground and open-pit contexts. This expertise covers hazards such as ground movement and rock slides, but also issues related to fluid-rock interactions, underground gas migration and the effects of these hazards on the safety of people and the environment.

The Institute works on behalf of the government in post-mining operations, by defining the methodologies for preventing residual long-term hazards. These activities lead in parallel to the production and publication of associated reports and reference handbooks. Ineris makes a vital contribution to the post-mining risk prevention system by involving its specialists and experts in GIP GEODERIS actions and by conducting technical studies on its behalf.

The Institute’s expertise also includes an extensive knowledge of mining and environmental codes. This makes it an important support to the French government in contributing to the regulations of mining risk management (reworking the Mining Code and the General Regulations on Extractive Industries) and in drawing up natural and mining risk prevention plans.

Ineris actively participates in strategies and in the French action programs for territories threatened by sinkhole risks, with an approach that combines risk prevention with adaptation to climate change.