Monitoring of atmospheric emissions: the Institute speaks at the CEM conference

Ineris will participate in the fifteenth international CEM conference (Conference on Emissions Monitoring), which will be held in Barcelona from 20 to 22 September.

CEM is the main international conference dedicated to the monitoring of atmospheric emissions; it brings together research institutes, industrialists, contractors and manufacturers of air matrix monitoring equipment.
Ineris, a member of the CEM scientific committee, will host sessions there and present its most recent work regarding the characterisation of industrial atmospheric emissions and the air environment near sources, through four oral presentations and a poster.

The subjects presented will cover:
the characterisation of emissions from low-power biomass boiler systems (<1MW – work carried out as part of the ACIBIOQA project financed by Ademe: atmospheric emissions from wood boiler systems producing less than 1 MW – The Ademe bookshop);
the characterisation of brominated dioxin emissions from hazardous waste incineration units;
the performance of emission characterisation methods in the context of reducing emission limit values: with a focus on hydrochloric acid (European EMPIR HEROES project);
the monitoring strategy used to characterise the atmospheric fallout of emissions from industrial facilities (formalised in the national guidelines to monitoring around industrial sites – Guide national de surveillance autour de sites industriels);
The characterisation of aerosol emissions released by high-temperature metallurgical processes using metal powders (work carried out as part of the CARPE project financed by Ademe).

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