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  • potential.png

    Potential for substitution of substances used in wood preservatives (PT8) - Issues related to future approval decisions - October 2022

  • Methodology development for the characterization of toxicological risks related to particulate pollution in underground stations

  • TOXinTRANSPORT : project about toxicological, chemical, physical characterizations of particles in the cabin air of TRANSPORT in movement

  • Omega 23 - Resistance of industrial structures to impact from projectiles of accidental origin

  • State of knowledge on the storage of hydrogen in salt caverns

  • mine.png

    Mine tailings dam failures: review and assessment of the phenomenon

  • HyPSTER project prepares the construction phase

  • missouri-brochure.jpg

    Project MISSOURI - Microplastics in soil and groundwater: sources, transfer, metrology and impacts

  • PRESS RELEASE - The BlackCycle consortium announces the world’s first production of sustainable carbon blacks