Post-Mining Hazard Evaluation and Mapping in France


Knowledge of hazards associated with mining works has largely been developed in recent years in metropolitan France. The research carried out to apprehend risks on the surface influenced by old mining operations is realised through a "hazard study", for the vast majority of the dreaded phenomena which can occur.
This handbook provides the framework and guidelines for this achievement.
In the framework of the risk management that these old mining works can generate, on the one hand, and the sustainable development of these territories, on the other hand, the study of the hazards, and associated maps, constitutes an essential step.
The objective is to map the zones where hazards exist and to evaluate their level, in order to determine the risk for existing stakes and the possibilities of construction or development in terms of land planning.
This key technical step allows the instructor services to develop post-mining risk management procedures, allowing local authorities to better know and adapt to the dreaded phenomena and land planners to better understand the conditions of constructibility.
This handbook provides information on post-mining phenomena, the feedback that has been established and indications on the parameters to be considered to evaluate and map the hazard.