Underground cavity safety: Ineris inaugurates its experimental and educational platform in Saint-Maximin in the Oise department

On Thursday, September 15, the Institute inaugurated its experimental and educational platform dedicated to the prevention of risks related to underground cavities.
Set up at the Maison de la Pierre in the former Parrain underground quarry in the commune of Saint-Maximin, this facility allows work to be carried out at full scale under real underground quarry conditions and in complete safety.

A single platform with a variety of purposes

The primary purpose of the platform is to support research, tests, and trials, with the objective of expanding knowledge of phenomena related to the instability of underground cavities, thus preventing potential risks to people and property. These experiments concern the study of instability mechanisms, but also methods for controlling safety and establishing instrumented monitoring. They may cover academic research (material mechanics, the effects of exposure to water, rock ageing, etc.), testing equipment intended to assist in the identification of hazards and risks inherent to underground cavities, or improving operating conditions within these cavities.
The platform also boasts a new layout, showcasing an educational exhibition on the risks associated with underground cavities. Using educational workshops and showcasing underground space, its mission is to promote scientific and technical culture among a variety of audiences through, for example, technical days and technical training, and events for the general public.
The educational nature of the platform encourages the promotion of scientific and technical culture, and its experimental activities will serve those involved in underground cavity risk management (local authorities, voluntary organisations, research units, public services, etc.).

Here are some examples:

•            Conducting scientific experiments and employing innovative equipment: acoustic monitoring sensors, humidity sensors, aerial observation and 3D visualisation, monitoring using 3D scanners;
•            Employing a variety of quarry surveying techniques;
•            Developing and improving web monitoring systems.

• Developing and improving web monitoring systems. “Scientific Models” exhibition

Within this same space, the Maison de la Pierre gave Ineris the opportunity to exhibit photographs to showcase its activities. Photographer Eric Nocher produced a series of photographic artworks intended to honour the men and women working at Ineris, with the central theme being the digital and biological  instruments used for modelling. The exhibition is open to the general public and is free of charge. Visitors can come and learn about the different professions at Ineris from September 10 to October 9, 2022, then from October 26 to November 6, 2022.