SVHC awareness: companies, take part in the AskREACH competition!

The AskREACH project is launching a European-wide competition to reward the company that most effectively provides information on SVHCs in its supply chain, and the most engaged retailer on the matter of SVHCs. Follow the guide to take part!

Providing information on substances in items is a challenge for many companies in Europe. Some are proactively taking on this challenge by making amendments to their procurement policy or by allocating specific resources to communicating this information.

Will your company be chosen as the best at providing information regarding its supply chain in Europe? Or the most engaged retailer when it comes to matters of substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in items?

The AskREACH project will award three prizes for the “Best Supply Chain Communicator”:
- an “Item Supplier” award (as set out in article 3.33 of REACH: producer, importer, distributor), for the company that best provides information on SVHCs in items throughout its supply chain;
- two awards for “Most SVHC-Engaged Retailer”: the most engaged retailers (companies which sell items directly to the general public) in terms of providing information on substances of very high concern (one award for an SME and one award for a large company).
Entries can be submitted online until 31st May 2022:
(Details of submissions will only be visible to the awarding jury).
More details about the eligibility criteria and the general terms and conditions are available on the competition website.

The LIFE AskREACH project aims to help consumers and companies to exercise their right to know about SVHCs in everyday items, by raising awareness of these substances among different stakeholders and by providing tools in order to effectively manage the provision of information on SVHCs.

Enter now to win an AskREACH prize and show consumers that you care about them! The winning companies will be awarded a prize, but most importantly they will gain visibility among consumers for their responsible behaviour!