Post-mining management: Ineris coordinates the European POMHAZ project

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The closure of old mines does not mean that the associated risks and hazards disappear for good. This is why post-mining management is a major preoccupation in regions worldwide that have a mining history.
Halfway through the project, a first newsletter is published to inform the general public about the challenges of multi-hazard and multi-risk in post-mining areas and the objectives and the progress of PoMHaZ project.

Context and scope of the project


The European POMHAZ (Post-Mining Multi-Hazards evaluation for land-planning) research project aims to improve the methods and tools that allow the operational execution of multi-hazard analyses in mining areas. Coordinated by Ineris, the project brings together four European countries (Germany, France, Greece, and Poland) and seven organisations in the field of post-mining management (Ineris, CERTH, GIG, THGA-DMT, PCC, SRK, UFB, TU-BAF).
Co-funded by the European Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS), POMHAZ will begin operating in October 2022 for a period of three years (until September 2025).
In former mining areas, various types of natural and/or technological hazards coexist with those inherent to mining. The POMHAZ project focuses on the assessment of these hazards and how they interact, the overall management of the area, and any resulting risks. The project deals specifically with abandoned European coal mines, with practical examples of its methods implemented in France, Germany, Greece, and Poland.

Project Methodology

The project’s methods will focus on identifying the interaction between hazards and their impact on land planning. Analytical techniques will be employed alongside decision support and geographic information systems to ensure the operational incorporation of multi-hazard analyses in the management of mining regions in Europe.

Update 11/06/2024
Update 20/11/2023: introductory video
Update 17/10/2022: the POMHAZ project launch meeting was held on October 13, 2022.