France Exposome: the research infrastructure unveils its website

The France Exposome national research infrastructure, of which Ineris is a partner, unveils its website: missions, partners, expertise, technological and methodological range, etc.

France Exposome is research infrastructure in the area of environmental health, included in the 2021 roadmap for the research infrastructure of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. The infrastructure aims to structure and energise the scientific community working in the environment-health field on the theme of the human chemical exposome. It aims to provide capabilities for the characterisation of chemical exposure, as well as toxicological and toxicokinetic modelling expertise, in order to contextualise the data produced in terms of its analysis and interpretation.

As a partner of France Exposome, Ineris brings its own expertise and equipment to bear on matters of toxicology, data interpretation and data modelling.

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The France Exposome infrastructure is supported by Inserm and its partners, EHESP, Ineris, INRAE, Oniris, Université Paris Cité and the University of Rennes.