Air quality - The institute in support of the Moroccan Ministry for energy, mines, and sustainable development

On June 12/13 and June 19/20, the institute was in Morocco alongside the departments of the Ministry of energy, mines, and sustainable development to assist them during the set up and operationalization of their air quality monitoring and management network.

Ineris relied on its expertise in the measurement and modelling of air quality to propose a work program:
> sizing of the network (choice of measurement sites and associated representativeness);
> targeted pollutants and the associated measurement and analysis techniques;
> management of measurement stations (as regards the sequence of quality assurance and quality control for the measurement);
> data centralization and exploitation (banking, balance sheets and trends);
> methods for gathering information on emissions, for simulation, and for air quality forecasts.

In particular, the Regional Environmental Directorates (DRE), the State Secretariat for Sustainable Development (SEDD) and the National Laboratory for Pollution Studies and Monitoring (LNESP) were present.