Air quality: the Institute is the new co-leader of the Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling (TFIAM)

The Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling (TFIAM) is a group of international scientific experts from the Air Convention* that operates on behalf of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). For some twenty years, Ineris has acted as the French liaison body for the Ministry of Ecological Transition (Air Quality Unit). It is now co-chairing the group.

Created in 1986 by the Executive Body, the main objective of the task force is to pool the information produced by the Air Convention’s various scientific working groups (i.e. information on emissions, air quality, impacts on health and ecosystems and the cost-effectiveness of mitigation measures) and to contribute, using computer modelling to drawing up legal instruments designed to define effective and appropriate targets for the reduction of atmospheric pollutants. These national targets are embodied in protocols adopted by the Convention’s political bodies, which are binding for countries that ratify them.

The TFIAM thus made substantial contributions to the efforts that laid the groundwork for negotiation of the Gothenburg Protocol in 1999 (amended in 2012) to abate acidification, eutrophication and ground-level ozone.   The Task Force is currently co-chaired by the Netherlands and Sweden. From 2024 onwards, France (represented by Ineris and environmental economist Simone Schucht) will co-chair this group of experts with Sweden.

> Press release for the TFIAM meeting (May 2023)