Action by the Institute to help prepare Serbia’s national air protection programme

To boost its environmental policies, Serbia launched an ambitious programme in 2019 with the support of the European Commission, aiming to align its environmental regulations to the European directives and regulations in the domain of air quality, chemical products and data availability.

The EAS3 project, coordinated by the Expertise Advisor consultancy and in which Ineris participates, aims to help the Serbian Ministry for the Environment with this scheme, by producing the technical, strategic and economic analyses needed to implement changes in the regulation.
Ineris’s contribution concerns the revision of the air quality regulation and the emissions reduction strategies for atmospheric pollutants. Thus, our experts conducted an audit of the air quality monitoring scheme in Serbia and of the legislation and produced an action plan to help them align with the European obligations.
Ineris also worked in close collaboration with CITEPA to define and assess the atmospheric pollutant reduction scenarios in the different sectors of activity. The aim was to establish an action plan to ensure that the limit values are adhered to and that the quality objectives at European level are met by 2030.
This work was presented by Elsa Réal (for the simulation of the impacts of the mitigation scenarios 2030) and Simone Schucht (for the analysis of the health impacts and cost-benefit ratios of the scenarios), during the conference organised to prepare the Serbian national air protection programme, held on 10 September by the Serbian Ministry for the Environment.

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