INERIS has a duty to participate in the effort to create awareness and to provide information through the widest possible dissemination of the results of its research and its studies. These media also propose providing the keys to tackle and to understand the current stakes in the research with regard to protecting health and the environment.


The INERIS undertakes partnerships with numerous French and foreign counterparts. On the European level, it carries out an active cooperation policy which is evidenced by its increasing involvement in framework programmes for research and technical development (PCRDT). The INERIS thus participates in several research projects, and as a coordinator in some of them.

  • Projects

The framework programme for research and development (PCRD) is the principal community instrument for financing European research. Adopted according to the co-decision procedure referred to in Article 251 of the Treaty Establishing the European Union, it was devised in order to provide a solid contribution to the development of the European Research Area (ERA).

  • Leonardo da Vinci Programme
  • CIPS Programme
  • European Networks