The dissemination of knowledge and know-how in various forms, to the entire public, constitutes one of the basic components of the activity of the INERIS.

Product sheets

ATEX Directives
Air Inter-Laboratory Comparisons (ILC): sampling and analyses
Air quality management at INERIS
Atex regulation - Processes safety concerning liquids and/or flammable gases
Certification internationale de compétence de personnes dans le domaine des atmosphères explosives
Chemical process Safety
Electrochimical energy storage for electric vehicles
Electrostatic Certification
Experimental resources dedicated to nanomaterials
Industrial Accident Analysis
Integrating safety related properties of Ionic liquids when targeting biomass valorization
Ism-ATEX and Saqr-ATEX Certifications
Management of Biogas Production Related Risks
Microseismic monitoring
Molecular modeling to reduce costs of safety evaluation of products and processes
Physico-chemical studies and analysis
Regulations Reach CLP
SYTGEM : Geotechnical and Microseismic Monitoring System
SYTGEO Radiotransmitter module and GPS Receiver
SYTGEOscop Geotechnical monitoring software
SYTMIS Microphonic Probe 1DM
SYTMIS microseismic Engineering Software
Series 1DBSS – 3DBSS microseismic probes
e.cenaris / Cloud monitoring solution