The dissemination of knowledge and know-how in various forms, to the entire public, constitutes one of the basic components of the activity of the INERIS.



Works, study reports….Produced by the INERIS or in partnership.

Documents and brochures

All useful documents about the INERIS: annual reports, accreditations, certificates…

Bulletins and magazines

INERIS Magazine, Bulletin ATEX-info, Bulletin INERIS info, Bulletin PERSEIS, Bulletin Poussières Minérales et santé, Bulletin Rsein, Mécasphère...


1 poster available for downloading.

Product data sheets

Nearly 10 synthetic product data sheets about the activities of the Institute...

Technical data sheets

3 technical data sheets...

Annual reports

All annual reports available in PDF since 2001.

Annual scientific reports

All scientific reports available in PDF since 1999.