Founded in 1990, INERIS is an EPCIP (French public research body of an industrial and commercial character), under the aegis of the French Ministry of Ecology.


A national expert at the service of environmental safety









Established by the French Government in 1990
as the National competence centre for Industrial
Safety and Environmental Protection, INERIS has
developed expertise in the areas of chronic and
hazardous risks.


To carry out or commission studies and research programmes aimed at preventing the risks brought about by economic activities on health, the safety of persons and property and on the environment, and to provide any services intended to facilitate the adaptation of companies with this objective in mind.


Apart from GeneralManagement, INERIS has 4 operational departments:

- Chronic Risks Department
- Accidental Risks Department
- Ground and undergoround Risks Department
- Business Development & Certification Division

As well as 5 functional departments:
- Communications Department
- Scientific Department
- Human Resources Department
- Information Systems Department
- Financial Department

And 3 services:
- Quality Service
- Legal Purchasing Service
- Health and Environmental Safety Service

Key figures

- Budget of 80 million Euros
- about 600 employees, including 340 engineers, researchers and managers.

Quality commitment and deontology

- INERIS is ISO 9001 certified for its study, consultancy, expert appraisal, testing, training and product manufacturing activities. It is COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee) certified for various testing and calibration activities and has been recognised as complying with Good Laboratory Practices in the fields of toxicology and ecotoxicology.

- Deontology charter that sets out the principles that the Institute strives to comply with in carrying out its missions, attaining its objectives and in its relations with its partners.