Training Team

Training has been a fixture since INERIS was founded, because it falls naturally within the vocation of experts and researchers to contribute to passing on their know-how to others.

INERIS Formation SAS was created as a subsidiary of INERIS in 2006.

Training and providing advice on the themes of environmental safety contribute wholly to fulfilling the Institute’s missions. These activities are organised in such a way as to meet the needs of companies, the government, local authorities and associations in an efficient manner.

In order to meet the needs of both the public and private sectors, INERIS Formation has developed a very diversified range of training programmes covering its various areas of expertise: the prevention and efficient managem ent of industrial and techn ological risks, whether accidental or chronic.

Our international training courses

INERIS formation SAS supports its international customers and proposes a wide range of trainings in English language on many topics.

Inter-company training

INERIS Formation offers fifty or so training programmes on environmental safety:

- Accidental risks: dust explosion and fire phenomena, flammable liquids and gases, safe operation, risk analyses, hazard studies, prevention and protection in explosive atmospheres, etc.
- Chronic risks: health aspects linked to impact studies and soil pollution, water, air, soil, waste, etc. pollution and prevention assessment.
- Management: health, safety, security and environment, implementation of occupational and environmental risks assessment, evaluation and integration of these results in a health, safety and environment management system, in compliance with the regulations applicable to Classified Installations.

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Made to measure training

Whether it is to adapt one of the inter-company training courses detailed in our catalogue or to develop a specific training programme, the intra-company approach is ideal for taking the reality of your company and its constraints into account. INERIS’ technical expertise naturally favours the elaboration of these customised training programmes. The training can take place either in our premises or in your own company premises, with the obvious exception of training courses that involve practical demonstrations.
A few examples of made to measure training courses developed for our clients:

  • Evaluation of equipment that is important for safety * Security, safety and the environment
  • Hazard studies
  • Soil pollution
  • The MHSE ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 internal audit

Professional training

A 40-day cycle accompanying the Health, Safety and Environment Manager and his team in their daily missions, enabling the acquisition of immediately operational know how.
A 6-day cycle for Health & Safety Managers.

Technical training days

Specialists from the Institute and external experts focus on key topical aspects of a given theme. These training days can be held either at INERIS or in other places specially selected as a function of the themes covered.

Training supports

A collection of videos: "The INERIS essentials" - contact

Regulatory and technical data bases

Engineers, experts or researchers, the training officers are all active professionals within INERIS. Your concerns lie at the core of their activities. These professionals rely on their knowledge, developed in the course of their research activities and on the feedback acquired during their intervention missions. The teaching methods used are based on field knowledge and operational know how. Training support, audiovisual expositions, practical exercises, demonstrations and case studies have been developed from real life situations. Certain training programmes employ test facilities (visits to laboratories, demonstrations of fires and explosions, etc.) that are among the most sophisticated in France.

A training team that listens to your needs.
And one that is fully geared to cooperating with other training organisations such as CPE-Lyon, Cegos, CFDE, BRGM Formation, etc.