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Test platform STEEVE Safety

Evaluation of the safety of batteries and their components at different stages of their life cycle


The technological innovation STEEVE Safety platform was inaugurated 29 October 2012. It unites a homogenous ensemble for industries, companies and administrations, ranging from upstream research to the evaluation of performance and safety, then to the certification of batteries throughout their life cycle. The platform allows the testing of batteries at a true scale and the evaluation of their safety at different stages of their life cycle. Its objective is to improve the understanding of dangerous phenomena, in particular in severe conditions, and to define an appropriate framework for placing them on the market while ensuring user safety. The platform has secured test chambers and a various range of analysis tools (including but not limited to video recording such as highspeed and thermal camera, electrical measurements, temperature, thermal flow, pressure and mechanical constraint measurements). Continuous and discontinuous gas analyses are performed to qualify and quantify the chemical substances of gaseous effluents due to a fire, for example. Moreover, all of the platform’s technical equipment and resources (mechanical press, climatic chamber, vibrating table, drop tower, etc.) can be used in order to adapt them to another product than batteries.