INERIS places its experience and scientific and technical skills at the service of businesses, local governments and Administrations so as to guide them in their activities related to health and environmental safety and protection. This support is evidenced, in particular, by providing study and advisory services.

Soil/subsoil risks

With several decades experience, the INERIS, through the Soils and Subsoils Risks Division (DRS), is leading expert in the field of underground risk (mines, quarries, natural cavities, storage cavities etc.) and provides support for government departments involved in preventing this type of risk. For the last few years, the DRS has applied its skills to other types of risk, rendered particularly sensitive by climate change, notably:

  • rockfall (coastal cliffs, large slides);
  • consequences of drought on clay soil (structural disorder, impact on agricultural activity etc.);
  • storage of CO2 in underground cavities.

The DRS thus issues expert opinions and consultancy services for businesses and institutions (evaluation of ground movement risks, analyses of ground gas emissions, auscultation and surveillance of areas at risk of ground movement etc.). It also conducts research on three major themes: understanding mechanisms relating to the rupture and deformation of rock masses, vulnerability study of structures and buildings under the effect of ground movement and underground storage of hydrocarbons and waste.


  • Assessment of ground movement risks
  • Auscultation and surveillance of soil and subsoil risks
  • Evaluation of ground gas flows
  • Ground stability studies
  • Expert opinion/consultancy services for the government for creating risk prevention plans
  • Digital modelling