INERIS places its experience and scientific and technical skills at the service of businesses, local governments and Administrations so as to guide them in their activities related to health and environmental safety and protection. This support is evidenced, in particular, by providing study and advisory services.

Chronic risks

The areas of expertise of the Chronic Risks Division include:
Evaluation of toxicity and ecotoxicity of chemical substances.
Modelling and surveillance of the effect of pollution and electromagnetic fields emanating from installations and human activities on humans and the environment
Reduction of pollution in ambient environments and polluted soil.



  •     Characterisation of pollutant substances, disposal and waste
  •     Study of the effects of industrial activities on health and ecosystems, except ionizing radiation
  •     Detailed study of the risks relating to potentially polluted sites and soils

Chemical substances

  •     Toxicological expert evaluation of chemical substances


  •     Modelling and economic analysis for risk management


  •     Water analysis


  •     Air quality
    > Prev'Air (previsions and observation of air quality in France and in Europe)
  •     Laboratoire Central de Surveillance de la Qualité de l'Air (LCSQA-Central Air Quality Surveillance Laboratory)