INERIS places its experience and scientific and technical skills at the service of businesses, local governments and Administrations so as to guide them in their activities related to health and environmental safety and protection. This support is evidenced, in particular, by providing study and advisory services.

Evaluation of the hazardous properties of products

The risk of generating industrial accidents by the transportation, storage and use of dangerous substances and mixtures is related to their physical and chemical properties such as solids, liquids and gases that are explosive, flammable, pyrophoric, hydro-reactive, etc. or are dangerous for health and environment.

In order to reduce the risks, one must evaluate and characterise these hazards.

Chemical products transported, placed on the market or used in the workplace in Europe must be in conformity with the regulations and dispositions in regard to classification, packaging and labelling of substances and mixtures.

INERIS is capable of characterising the dangerous physic-chemical and toxicological properties of hazardous substances and mixtures. We have the experimental and modelling means, bibliographical data bases as well as the expertise evaluate the hazards of products according to the applicable regulations.

If no standard is defined or when standardized tests are not suited to your product or object, INERIS can propose non-standardised experimental protocols and carry them out.

These customized tests can lead to a reliable and realistic evaluation of the specific hazards of a specific step in the life cycle of your product or material.

Moreover, the evaluation of dangerous properties gives the information for product safety data sheets.

Regulatory requirements/recommendations:

Transport of dangerous goods for classes 1 to 9, with the exception of classes 6.2 and 7: UN Manual of Tests and Criteria

Classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures: CLP European regulation n°1272/2008 16 December 2008

Testing methods of the pre-existing CLP European regulation: CE Regulation n°440/2008 of 30 May 2008

Regulation applicable to waste: Decree of 8 July 2003

Evaluation of active biocide substances: Biocide n°98/9/CE Directive of 16 February 1998