INERIS places its experience and scientific and technical skills at the service of businesses, local governments and Administrations so as to guide them in their activities related to health and environmental safety and protection. This support is evidenced, in particular, by providing study and advisory services.

Partnership-based research

Sustainable development requires the development of innovative technologies. Any innovation must, from its very conception, integrate the requirements of sustainable development. The INERIS has skills, test facilities and refined knowledge of regulations and standards pertaining to safety, and health and environmental protection. Its researchers and engineers are capable of accompanying you in your product developments or clean and safe methods, which are perfectly adapted to your technical, regulatory or commercial constraints, and can do so irrespective of your field of activity or your size.

Principal fields of partnership-based or contracted research

  • Products and their constraints: assessment of the hazards and toxic, ecotoxic, fire, explosion and dispersion-related risks over the entire lifecycle,
  • Equipment: assistance in designing and evaluation of the reliability of safety equipment and process instrumented systems,
  • Methods: evaluation of the methods for processing primary products, for treating waste, wastewater and soils,
  • Facilities: assistance in designing facilities for producing, storing and transporting hazardous or flammable products and materials,
  • Measurements – sensors: designing measurement methods and sensors for solids, liquids or gases, substances, soils and subsoil, by means of physiological, biochemical, electronic, ultrasound and physical methods,
  • Modelling and dimensioning calculations: of civil engineering structures, the subsoil, dispersion phenomena, toxic and explosive materials.
  • Calculation and modelling software,
  • Information systems: expert systems, sensor arrays, complete surveillance and warning systems,
  • Impact: social acceptance of technological innovation.

The INERIS at your service

The six regional representatives and the official « partnership-based research » representative of the INERIS are at your service in order to place you in contact with our engineers and researchers. As a member of six competitiveness clusters, the INERIS offers privileged access to quality certification. The INERIS participates in numerous collaborative projects, funded both privately and publically (ADEME, ANR, Europe, FUI,…). In compliance with our Charter of Professional Ethics, we take care to ensure confidentiality, respect and just allocation of intellectual property rights amongst partners.

The INERIS and the research and development tax credit

As a public research organisation, the work entrusted to the INERIS, which falls under your Research and Development Tax Credit declaration, is eligible for twice the amount thereof (line 14a of declaration 2069 A). Thus, the amount of the research and development tax credit will be 100%, 80% or 60% of the amount of the INERIS invoice, if the declaration was made for the first time after a period of 5 years, the second time, or the following years, respectively (within the limits of certain ceilings).
The forms are downloadable at the following addresses: