Founded in 1990, INERIS is an EPCIP (French public research body of an industrial and commercial character), under the aegis of the French Ministry of Ecology.


Manufacturers of thermal paper support INERIS in the development of its "No phenol added" label
With the German manufacturer KOEHLER 2 other important European manufacturers i.e. MITSUBISHI (Germany) and JUJO THERMAL (Finland) have decided to adopt this label to materialise the absence in their production of phenols and bisphenols known to be used as developers. So the label reflects the commitment by those Companies, with the large retail groups CARREFOUR, LIDL, SYSTEME U which already adopted the label, to ban BPA and other bisphenols and phenols potentially suspicious to be endocrine disruptors.
SNA Substitution website

Since 2011, INERIS is in charge of the National Service of Assistance (SNA) to the substitution of chemical substances at the request of the French Ministry in charge of the Environment. The SNA website provides concrete support to economic actors involved in sustainable substitution.

Dealing at the beginning with alternatives to bisphenol A (BPA) in food containers, the SNA Substitution website now offers expanded information about other families of chemical substances and other activity sectors.

More Science-Society interfaces for a global soil security (Paris)

Ineris organizes the 2nd Global Soil Security Conference entitled  «More Science-Society interfaces for a global soil security »  which will take place in Paris December 5th and 6th 2016.

This conference aims to demonstrate that soil, this highly pressurized and crucial resource, is indispensable partner to meet sustainable development goals. The demonstration will be done by linking businesses, practitioners, policymakers and researchers on soil security dimensions through good working practices, business solutions, scientific outcomes and international initiatives that enhance protection and sustainable management of soils.

Anthropogenic Seismicity Workshop - Nancy

In the frame of the Days for the Observation and Monitoring of Geological and Geotechnical Risks, we are pleased to announce the Worskhop on Anthropogenic Seismicity (AS) to be hold the 1 and 2 september 2016, at Nancy, Campus ARTEM France

The workshop will consist of invited plenary lectures, as well as thematic sessions with invited and contributed talks, offering an opportunity for providing outreach to the implementation phase of a Thematic Core Services related to Anthropogenic Hazards in the frame of EPOS-IP H2020 Project.

Organizing committee
  • Pascal Bigarré, Isabelle Contrucci, Alain Thoraval (National Institute for of Industrial Environment and Risks, INERIS)
  • Thierry Verdel (GeoRessources Laboratory, Lorraine University)
  • Jean Schmittbuhl (School and observatory of Earth Sciences, EOST)
  • Jean-Robert Grasso (Institut des Sciences de la Terre, ISTERRE)
  • Beata Orlecka-Sikora, Stanislaw Lasocki (Institut of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences, IGF PAS)
Issue of the 1st IECEx certificate for a Non-Electrical Equipement

IECEx is one international certification system created by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
Based on its experience, in the field of explosive atmospheres and particularly in the assessment of non-electrical equipment at the European level, INERIS has been accepted by IECEx as ExTL and ExCB for the assessment and the certification of non-electrical equipment.
Due this fact, INERIS has henceforth in its scope ISO 80079-36 and -37 standards.
In addition, INERIS has just issued the first IECEx certificate for a non-electrical equipment.

"Air-Liquid Interface" Workshop - Paris downtown

The aims are to:

- Bring together users of ALI exposure systems

- Make a state-of-the-art on techniques used in ALI exposures: atmosphere generation, exposure techniques at the ALI, cell response/read-out parameters

- Exchange experience (what is done, what are common tools/issues people working on; in which projects)

- Raise discussion on the way to go forward to achieve future implementations of these technologies in a regulatory context (develop guidelines/harmonization/validation)

Application of the New ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

The new ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (1) is going to be applicable soon. It will replace the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC on 20 April 2016.
It was published on March 29th, 2014 in the Official Journal of the European Union.